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Roughtail Brewing Co/Texas Leaguer Brewing Co Combo Pack

Roughtail Brewing Co/Texas Leaguer Brewing Co Combo Pack

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Get ready for double the fun with the Roughtail Brewing Co/Texas Leaguer Brewing Co Combo Pack! 

This dynamic duo brings you the best of both worlds in one awesome package. From hoppy goodness to smooth sips, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're hosting a party or just chilling with friends, this combo pack is sure to bring good times and great beers. 

A combination pack of beers from Roughtail Brewing Co and Texas Leaguer Brewing Co.

Featured Beers:

Roughtail Brewing Co Nada Nada Fruited Sour: A flavorful fruited sour ale that slaps the taste buds with delightful notes of strawberry and lemon, with a light tartness that embodies the exact feeling of drinking a pink lemonade. Made with real strawberries and lemons!

Roughtail Brewing Co City IPA: Roughtail Brewing Co. brings an authentic Oklahoma IPA that is dry, crisp, and remarkably easy drinking. A perfect blend of moderate hop bitterness and a citrusy hop aroma and flavor, this IPA offers a refreshingly balanced taste that captures the essence of the region. It's a testament to Roughtail Brewing Co.'s dedication to crafting aggressively flavorful beers.

Texas Leaguer Brewing Co Knuckle Bock: Bet you didn’t see this one coming! This is a one-of-a-kind bock that’s packed full of densely rich flavors, yet is surprisingly smooth. Delightfully baffling, it’s love at first sip. 

Texas Leaguer Brewing Co 2 Hopper IPA: What looks like an easy play turns into trouble when the ball makes a few extra hops than the fielder intended. The 2 Hopper has just enough hops for an IPA, but still has an easy finish to make the out. 

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