Bavarian Dark Lager


Bavarian Dark Lagers are often referred to as Dunkels (doonn-kel), meaning “dark”, and were the original style beers of the Bavarian villages and countryside in Germany. Nowadays, other regions in Germany also make Dunkels in addition to other variations of dark German lagers.

These beers are deep-brown, mahogany, or sepia in appearance and have almost no nose, They tend to be very malty with a slight hop accent resulting in very little hop bitterness. The beer is smooth with a rich, mild vanilla and nutty-sweet palate and a dry, full finish. Bavarian Dark Lagers are full-bodied with a viscous texture and a strong, creamy, long-lasting head. The ABV range of a typical Dunkel is between 4.8 to 5.6%.

The distinctive malty flavors come from a unique brewing technique called decoction mashing. This process requires a portion of the grains to be boiled and then returned to the mash which raises the temperature. Boiling the grains extracts more starch and gives the beer its distinctive rich, malty flavor.

The Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin won a Gold Medal for their Bavarian Dark Lager we featured and are one of the most highly awarded breweries in the area.

Breweries Producing Bavarian Dark Lager