Father's Day Special

June 16th is just
around the corner!

When will my order arrive?
In general, deliveries take 10-15 business days to arrive, depending on the destination zip code. read more


You really can’t go wrong getting monthly shipments from The Original Craft Beer Club. read more

Kyle Boureston - Founder Mantelligence

Christmas gift for a difficult to buy for father My dad loves trying new beer, so the perfect gift for him was a subscription to the craft beer club. For this Christmas I renewed his subscription and I’m sure he’ll be as thrilled this year as it was last read more

Cordell S.

Love my membership in this club! read more


Wow, I am impressed. Outstanding beer and outstanding customer service! read more

Tim M.

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! There’s no better feeling than when you find a great company that offers a product you like and has superior customer service. I’ll be sure to leave a review on your website. read more

J. Unsworth

Every time I have had contact with Craft Beer Club I receive Radical Hospitality and I LOVE IT! That is why I keep renewing the beer! :)k Plus it is delicious read more

R. Zimmerman

read more

Deborah Green

Not many company's care to step in when needed. read more


It's a great gift, the best I've given him in our 5 ½ years together. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service! read more

C. Phelps

Just a note to compliment Craft Beer Club on the February selections. They were all excellent. My only problem was how quickly I finished them :) read more

K. Leichtman

read more

A Grabowska

Just got my first shipment today! Excited, this was the best Christmas gift I ever got. read more

B Moll

Your fantastic attitudes, quick response and overall fantastic customer service showed me that I made the right decision ordering from you. read more


I'm very happy and quite pleased I chose Craft Beer Club over other companies. read more

Tara T

We loved the service! I plan on it being a regular gift for my husband at Christmas,we can't afford monthly so we are going ever other month. read more

Tomissa H.

My kids bought me the 12 month beer club for Fathers Day. It was wonderful. A Blueberry Beer I thought I would not like and I loved it. Can't wait for the July shipment. Good work!

G. Klein

You guys are the best. We had a shipping snafu and got an extra shipment. I called right away to make sure it got paid for (I know damn well that taking advantage of small businesses doing cool things isn’t a win for any of us in the long run). You went a read more

T. Buysse

Thank you so much for following up with me. I am quite impressed with the level of customer service from Craft Beer Club. read more

A. Hering

My name is Chris and I’m currently receiving those mixed 12 packs of beers from you guys, a gift my girl bought me for x-mas. All of the brews I have drank thus far have been terrific, but the “blues golden ale” from 16-mile in Delaware is un-real!.....kn read more

<< burrrrp >>

Cans are also legal in the streets of Louisiana, glass isn’t! Which is why the NOLA brewery has only cans! And it is EPIC!!!!

M Duhé

I gave a 3 month gift to my husband for Valentine’s Day...and he loves it every month. It’s nice to try out beers from all over the usa, that we normally wouldn’t have available near us. He also asked if I’d sign up to get more, so I just did that. read more

D. Carrington