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Snake River Czech Pilsener Monarch Pilsner

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Czech Pilsener

Monarch Pilsner
Craft Beer Club Selection
Gold Medal — North American Brewer's Fest
Bronze Medal — Great American Beer Festival


The Monarch, eight point bull elk is the King of forest in the Tetons. Pilsners are the beers of Kings, originating in Plzen, Czech Republic. They are light colored lager beers whose flowery hop aroma is followed by a rich, malty sweetness ending with a firm bitterness. Mass-produced American beers say they are of this style but have extremely lightened malt and hop characteristics. Our Monarch Pilsner is a traditional style European pilsner, brewed with 100% pilsner malt. Hopping with German lineage hops produces evident bitterness as well as a crisp finish. Monarch Pilsner is a signature beer of Cory Burning.

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