Frankenmuth Kölsch

Lighten Up Francis!

The Frankenmuth Kölsch, Lighten Up Francis! Comes from this months featured brew-ery, Frakenmuth Brewery, the oldest microbrewery in America and Michigan’s original craft brewery. In the year 1862, John Matthias Falliers worked with his cousins William Knaust and Martin Heubisch to build and establish what they named, the Frankenmuth Brewery which continues to stand today in its original location. The name was changed for the final time to Frankenmuth Brewery in the 1980s after having been called Cass River Brewery and Geyer Brothers Brewing Company before.

This Gold Medal Taproom is open to the public seven days a week for tasting and a full brewery experience with 21 craft beers and an inspired craft centric menu. Amongst their rotating list of beers is one special one in particular; the Frankenmuth Kölsch called Lighten Up Francis!

The golden, top-fermented style used to make the Frankenmuth Kölsch is native to Kln, Germany. The German style beer is brewed with traditional Hallertauer hops and Ger-man Pils malt. Lighten Up Francis! has a light gold appearance, a low hop bitterness, a medium carbonation level, and a well-attenuated white head. The aroma of this American style Kölsch Ale delivers pleasantly subtle and grainy-sweet undertones, while the subdued hop presence and refreshing crispness leaves a clean aftertaste.

With a 4% ABV the beer is easy to drink and full of flavor. This is the perfect light crisp beer to enjoy while the weather warms up. Enjoy this Kölsch Ale with pulled pork or a half-roasted chicken. Cheers!

We were lucky enough to feature the Frankenmuth Kölsch, Lighten Up Francis in our craft beer club along with the Frankenmuth Amber Ale, Old Detroit. To all beer lovers or aspiring beer enthusiasts sign up for our craft beer club to get more incredible beers from craft brewers like Frankenmuth.

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