Erie Brewing Cream Ale

Derailed Ale
Most Unique — Brewski Festival (Seven Springs Mountain Resort)
Bronze Medal — Great American Beer Festival

Brewery folklore tells of a train engineer with a passion for the taste of Railbender Ale. With every stop he made in Erie came an equal number of stops at our brewery. One extended visit to our fermenter left the engineer in a rather befuddled state of mind. On his fateful trip out of Erie that evening, his train mysteriously derailed. The engineer swears that a huge black cherry tree that had fallen across the tracks was the culprit. No such tree was ever found, but the front of the locomotive was spattered with hundreds of red spots.

In tribute to this folklore, our expert brewers introduced Derailed Black Cherry Ale, brewed with fresh, sweet black cherries and the finest malted barley to create a truly cherrylicious ale. Please enjoy responsibly, as we never want you to become derailed.

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