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Tastefully created by Janine Pearson, our Craft Beer Club Coaster Collection is a set of 4 retro-designed pieces of table art. These heavy duty counter top coasters graphically portray classic beer slogans. Printed in full color and packaged in a protective plastic sleeve. With a Limited Production of 5,000 sets these coasters are truly collectable.

Tegestologists, also known as coaster collectors, can add to their beer coaster stockpile by becoming an ongoing member of our monthly beer club. If you are interested in starting a collection, what better way than with limited editions only available through The Original Craft Beer Club!

A forerunner of what we know as a Beer Coaster today is the Bierdeckel, or “beer mat.” Bierdeckels came about in late-19th-century in German beer halls. Bartenders and beer maids placed a piece of paper over the mouth of a glass. This action was to keep insects or particles from falling into the freshly brewed (or not) craft beer. Once the beer was delivered to the table, the paper was moved to the base of the glass to soak up beer overflow. Bierdeckels were printed with an establishment’s name and location which provided a promotional opportunity that still continues to this day.

And for the record, our First Edition of 5,000 sets are now in the homes of our members. The Second Edition was printed December 2016 and we immediately started distribution. If you don't already have the first set, good luck finding them. If you are a Tegestologists and looking for a set of our first edition, call us at 1-800-200-2959, we may be able to find a set for you.

Our Craft Beer Club Set of 4 Custom Coasters is included in the first shipment of Gift Memberships of six or more shipments (a three shipment minimum is required to be Free). It’s our way of saying Cheers to you!

Enjoy your Craft Beer Club Coasters.

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