Craft Beer Bottle Opener

($6.95 Value)

"Only when a person most needs a bottle opener do they appreciate the importance of this gift." - B. Wieser

No one would have guessed that after William Painter invented the crown cap bottle opener in 1892 that 125+ years later thousands of various bottle openers would be patented. Every shape and size has been developed for use in a process that almost everyone takes for granted, like opening a bottle of Craft Beer after work in your back yard. There were three basic design styles of early bottle openers consisting of flat figuration, key-shaped and cast iron. There are also many different novelty-type openers that one can collect and they all have one thing in common: they open a bottle by removing the cap in one easy movement.

After Painter’s 1892 invention, crown caps became a staple for enclosing a beer bottle. By the time Prohibition came in 1920, the U. S. had thousands of Craft Breweries across the country. Many of these businesses had a bottle opener manufactured with their brewing or brand name on it to be given away in Bars, local Saloons, state fairs and other functions where groups of people met. We hope you will enjoy this opener, we found it to be ergonomically correct, easy to transport and hard to hide.

Who would have guessed that in 2016, you could sit a home and open 12 bottles of 4 different craft beer styles from two different breweries that was delivered to your door from a beer of the month club.

Our Craft Beer Club Bottle Opener is included in the first shipment of prepaid Gift Memberships of three or more shipments (a three shipment minimum is required to be free). It’s our way of saying Cheers to you!

*If for any reason the prepaid membership is canceled prior to three shipments, your credit card will be billed a reimbursement fee $19.90, (plus applicable taxes) for the Beer Connoisseur e-magazine subscription, beer opener and set of 4 koozies.