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In general, deliveries take 10-15 business days to arrive, depending on the destination zip code. read more


Add more enjoyment to the Craft Beer Club experience

New Craft Beer Club Recipients receive up to 3 Free Bonus Gifts in the first shipment

FREE for All: 1 Year Subscription to Beer Connoisseur E-Magazine ($10 bonus)
FREE: Bottle Opener & Subscription with purchase of 3-12 shipments ($17 bonus)
FREE: Coasters, Opener & Subscription with purchase of 6-12 shipments ($30 bonus)
EXTRA BONUS: Get $25 off and 3 Free Gifts with 12 shipments or more ($55 bonus)
FREE Online Greeting Cards: Or include card in the 1st shipment for $1.99

New Ongoing Craft Beer Club Members

Receive all Three Bonus Gifts in your First Shipment* ($30 value in bonus gifts)

As a member of our Craft Beer of the Month Club, you can choose monthly, every-other-month or quarterly beer shipments. Your credit card will be charged $42 each time your shipment is sent.

Your shipment will include selections of 12 exceptional Craft Beers from some of the best Craft Breweries in the country (located states apart) with 4 different styles of outstanding Craft Beer and 3 of each beer for you to experience and enjoy.

*If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership prior to receiving three shipments your credit card will be charged an additional $19.90 (plus applicable taxes) for the opener and coasters. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-200-2959.

Up to 3 Free Bonus Gifts plus $25 off

Give 1 to 12 shipments, choose monthly, every-other-month or quarterly shipments. Cheers!

Save an Extra $25 when giving a gift of 12 shipments

When you purchase a prepaid Beer of the Month Club gift of 12 shipments or more, you will automatically receive $25 off in your shopping cart, plus the 3 Free Bonus Gifts will be included in the first shipment.

Our annual 12 shipment gift is a great way to go. One hundred and forty-four different beers delivered to their door throughout the year.

Learn More about our Free Beer Club Bonus Gifts