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Pikes Peak Combo Pack

Pikes Peak Combo Pack

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This curated selection features two exceptional craft beers from the renowned Pikes Peak Brewing Company, offering you a taste of Colorado's finest brews.

Featured Beers:

Pikes Peak Brewing Company Elephant Rock IPA
Classic American IPA with a bold, commanding spirit. Over two pounds per barrel of late-addition hops give Elephant Rock its resinous pine and bright citrus profile.

Pikes Peak Brewing Company Gold Belgian-Style Ale
Gold (formerly Gold Rush) is a rich Belgian-inspired ale. Candi sugar and traditional yeast contribute to a full, dry palate of honey, clove and baking spice. This beer hides its strong ABV behind notes of pears, apples, and esters from the traditional Belgian yeast. Dig in and enjoy. You've hit the mother lode.


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