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Brewery Bhavana/Peak Organic Brewing Combo Pack

Brewery Bhavana/Peak Organic Brewing Combo Pack

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A combination pack of beers from North Carolina's Brewery Bhavana and Maine's Peak Organic Brewing Company.

Featured Beers:

Peak Organic Slim Hazy IPA
With all the hop grandeur and haze that you would expect from a world-class IPA, but with a low calorie profile (under 95 calories!), Peak Organic’s Slim Hazy is flavorful, hoppy and wonderfully balanced with organic Calypso, Citra, and Simcoe hops.
Peak Organic Happy Hour Pilsner
Happy Hour is a masterfully designed Pilsner,built to be crisp, clean,and crushable. With slight citrus notes, a hint of bitterness, and a clean finish, this beer is easygoing and pairs well with everything - including another beer! It’s always Happy Hour with this new Pilsner.
Brewery Bhavana Piglette Grisette
Sour, bright, and downright easy, Gristles are the traditional Belgian summer beer: low alcohol,easy to drink,yet chock- full of flavor. This one hits all the high notes,balancing a little tartness with some subtle funk and the gentle complexity of Bhavana’s house saison yeast.
Brewery Bhavana Bloom Tripel
This boundary-pushing tripel begins with the unique aroma of green cardamom and ends with just a touch of sweetness. Each sip is a shifting experience, as its spicy first impression unfolds to reveal fruity, floral undertones.
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