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The Beer Connoisseur®
Delve into the world's premier beer magazine as it explores beer culture both in America and abroad. The world of beer continues to head in new and exciting directions, and The Beer Connoisseur® is the industry authority with the goal of delivering the latest news, stories and reviews to both consumers and industry professionals.

Readers will find articles on craft beer and brewers. Expect in-depth beer reviews, international travel articles, brewery tours, profiles of industry personalities, recipes and pairings, style studies, beer culture and more.

The Premium Web Magazine is offered bi-monthly (6 times per year) as part of its Premium Membership.

The Beer Connoisseur® is a proud partner of the Original Craft Beer Club.
Enjoy The Beer Connoisseur’s expert reviewed and world-class rated beers shipped direct to your door.

3 Beers In Podcast
3 Beers In is a podcast based out of Austin, Texas by a group of friends who were inspired by their love of craft beer to start a podcast about it. They've even reviewed a number of our Craft Beer Club boxes.

BeerPulse is one of the first sites of its kind, giving a daily glimpse into new craft beers coming down the pipeline. Thousands of craft beer people visit the site each month from all over the U.S. and overseas to find out what is new in the U.S. craft beer scene.
Brews News Service plus Craft Beer and Homebrew Library

Everfest is the world's Festival Authority and largest festival community. Check out their massive Beer Festival Calendar to discover your next beer adventure!

Executive Gift Shoppe
Executive Gift Shoppe carries a complete line of personalized beer themed gifts that we think you may like to have. Here’s our gift to you. Use the coupon code BEER when checking out to receive your 20% discount.

Mantelligence is an online men's magazine and community, designed to help guys become modern day gentlemen with the knowledge and skills they need. They even help them to choose the right beer club.

The Review Wire
The Review Wire is a media team that focuses on product reviews and promotion, blogging, and brand development. It's also your one-stop shop for product giveaways, reviews, gift guides, and more. Find The Original Craft Beer Club on their 2017 "Holiday Gifts for Him" list.

SKS Bottle & Packaging
SKS is a container and packaging supply company located near Albany, NY. They provide a wide range of beverage and liquor packaging options to meet the needs of family brewing companies and large distilleries alike.

Deelat | For the Craft Beer Brewing Industry has a proven track record of supplying high quality parts that can be used in brewing applications, including a vast selection of two- and three-way motorized ball valves, solenoid valves and manual valves. Materials include PVC, stainless steel and copper. Their motorized ball valves can handle temperatures of up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, making them suitable for brewing applications.

Reusable Transport Packaging
Reusable Transport Packaging is a reseller, master distributor, and custom manufacturer of the broadest range of returnable and reusable plastic packaging available today. Our corporate office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and we have multiple stocking locations across the country. We carry thousands of products and boast an inventory that is readily available, with national and international coverage.