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A fast-growing, locally minded craft brewery in Lincoln, Nebraska, Zipline Brewing Co. crafts award-winning ales and lagers with an adventurous spirit.

Founded in 2012 by Marcus Powers, Tom Wilmoth and James Gallentine, Zipline Brewing Company crafts artisan ales and lagers in Lincoln, Nebraska. The brewery was born from the friends’ innate sense of adventure and their desire to connect with the thrill-seeking spirit in all craft beer fans. Zipline’s approach is clean, simple, and direct, focusing on producing the highest quality hand-crafted, innovative beers that borrow from English, German, Belgian and Czech traditions.

Marcus Powers, a native of Plainview, Nebraska, was once an environmental attorney for the state, but when the opportunity came to start a craft brewery with his fellow homebrewing friends, it was a chance he just had to take. He started as the brewery’s sole employee (Tom and James kept their day jobs, Tom as an attorney and James as an orthopedic surgeon) and brewed Zipline’s first batch of beer in November of 2012.

Since the beginning, Zipline has been a rapidly growing business and they have gone through several expansion projects. Today, the brewery has four taproom locations, two in Lincoln and two in Omaha, the most recent one opening in the summer of 2019.

Zipline’s Director of Brewing is Mike Boden, the first hire at the brewery in early 2013. He brings a high level of brewing intelligence and creative spirit to the brewing team and has helped grow Zipline to its current annual production level of around 10,000 barrels.

Although Zipline produces several craft beers (24 in total including the year round styles, limited editions, seasonals, collaborations and a barrel-aged series), they are all hard to find outside of the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Keeping things local is important to the company, as is their commitment to quality and satisfaction built on personal connections. It is a treat to share two of Zipline's most celebrated offerings with our Craft Beer Club members. Cheers!

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Trivia Time!

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1. What is the difference between Ale yeast and Lager yeast?
Ale yeast, a top-fermenting yeast used to make ales, ferments at warmer temperatures (close to room temperature). The many varieties of ale yeast used for different flavors and aromas make it popular among craft brewers. Lager yeast is a bottom-fermenting yeast used to make lager-style beer. Lager yeast ferments best at lower temperatures, such as cellar temperatures that range from 40 degrees to 50 degrees.

2. What are Crystal Malts?
When fresh malt is carefully dried at warm temperatures, some of the starches are converted to sugars, which crystallize within the grains. When these crystal malts are used in brewing, they add sweetness, body, and a reddish gold color to the beer.