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Williamsburg AleWerks


Williamsburg's only micro brewery is located in the heart of Virginia's early colonies, and has quickly established a reputation for fine craft beer.

Established in 2006 by Chuck Haines, Williamsburg AleWerks produces small volumes of colonial-style ales, porters, and stouts to the growing appreciation of local craft beer lovers. Haines is a longtime proponent of fine beer and has had his hand in breweries since the late 1990's. When an opportunity arose to secure and restore the old Williamsburg Brewing Company facility in Williamsburg, Virginia, Haines jumped at the chance and recruited brewer Geoff Logan to help him launch Williamsburg AleWerks.

Geoff Logan has extensive homebrewing experience and constantly explores potential ideas for new tastes and new beers. With a variety of year-round brews, seasonal selections, and special reserve beers making up the Williamsburg AleWerks lineup, Logan has the opportunity to test his creativity and develop different beers that people may not have heard of or tried before. The quality of his beers have caught on locally and many of his selections are now available on tap at nearby bars and restaurants. Production at Williamsburg AleWerks is miniscule (just 2,500 barrels per year) compared to the biggest craft brewer, Boston Beer (Samuel Adams), whose volume is as high as 1.8 million barrels - but Haines and Logan are thrilled with the growth and success they've experienced this far. With a laundry list of particularly good reviews and a diverse collection of traditional-style beers, we are pleased to introduce to you one of Virginia's top micro breweries.