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Williamsburg's only micro brewery is located in the heart of Virginia's early colonies, and has quickly established a reputation for fine craft beer.

Established in 2006 by Chuck Haines, Alewerks Brewing Company (originally known at Williamsburg Alewerks) produces small volumes of colonial-style Ales, Porters, and Stouts to the growing appreciation of local craft beer lovers. Chuck was inspired by his time in Europe and wanted to share his passion for authentic, craft-brewed ales with Williamsburg, Virginia. He started brewing in what was then, a very different, and significantly more challenging, time for craft beer. Doors didn’t open to craft beer as easily then, and it was through Chuck’s determination and perseverance that Alewerks was able to establish a foothold.

In 2008, Chuck brought Geoff Logan on board as Brewmaster and immediately began receiving awards and accolades for his delicately crafted brews. Over the years, the craft beer market began to expand, as did Alewerks’ portfolio, including the introduction of many of Alewerks’ now-classic recipes like BBP, Cafe Royale, Bitter Valentine, and Pumpkin Ale (thanks to Geoff’s extensive homebrewing experience and passion for constantly exploring potential ideas for new tastes and new beers). Now with a variety of year-round brews, seasonal selections, and special reserve beers making up the Alewerks lineup, Geoff has the opportunity to test his creativity and develop different beers that people may not have heard of or tried before. The quality of his beers have caught on locally and many of his selections are now available on tap at nearby bars and restaurants.

In 2015, Chuck retired from Alewerks and passed the mantle of Managing Director to Geoff, who has led Alewerks to become a celebrated brewer-driven brewery where the beer truly comes first.

Alewerks remains committed to quality, even as production volume continues to increase. The team takes great pride in each and every ounce of beer they brew, working hard to craft balanced, nuanced beers that are faithful to their traditional style. The result is a diverse portfolio of consistent quality that keeps people coming back year after year. We're excited for our Craft Beer Club Subscription members to enjoy two of their prized offerings!

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Trivia Time!

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1. “Noble” hops are identified as hops which are:
Low in bitterness and high in aromas. Noble hops are the European cultivars or races Hallertau, Tettnanger, Spalt, and Saaz. Their low relative bitterness yet strong aromas are often distinguishing characteristics of European-style Lagers, such as Pilsener, Dunkel, and Oktoberfest/Marzen. Noble hops may officially be considered “noble” only if they are grown in the areas of which the hop varieties (or races) were named.

2. What is re-racked beer?
Re-racked beer contains much less yeast and has a very short shelf life - two or three days for a typical cask. It is obtained by decanting, or re-racking, the beer from one cask to another, thus leaving behind the majority of the already residual yeast. The beer in the first cask will (usually) have already been fined, taking the majority of the yeast to the bottom of the cask. Beer should only be re-racked immediately before delivery to the point of service.