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Springfield, Massachusetts' first craft brewery with a selection of compelling, creatively crafted brews

Founded in 2014 by Raymond Berry, Jr. , White Lion Brewing Company is Springfield, Massachusetts’ first craft brewery. It is a relatively new establishment and owner Berry has big plans to put White Lion - and Springfield - on the craft beer map. The brewery already has all of the necessary ingredients for a successful, sustainable future and Berry hopes it will serve as a catalyst for the city’s revitalization.

In order to ensure his craft beers were of the highest quality, Berry sought out award winning brewer Mike Yates who has an all-encompassing work history of craft brewing. His background includes full production and management of regional brewing companies and brew pubs and he is the former head brewer at Amherst Brewing Co. and Berkshire Brewing Co. Yates has received dozens of medals over the years for his superb craft beers, including awards at the Great British Beer Festival in London, the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO, and the Great International Beer Festival in Providence, RI. He has been an excellent addition to the White Lion family, and his impeccably crafted, unique beer recipes are quickly earning a respectable reputation for their top-notch quality.

The White Lion beers are currently crafted in Ipswich, but Berry is hoping to find a new brewing home in downtown Springfield in the near future. Over the summer, the brewery ran a successful ‘White Lion Wednesday,’ which offered pop-up outdoor beer gardens in downtown Springfield. In addition to offering a selection of White Lion beer, there were food vendors and live music to be enjoyed by all. The city is truly embracing their first craft brewery and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming taproom and brewery opening.

What about the name?

The legend of the ‘White Lion’ has been shared for centuries. Folklore declares that White Lions are children of the Sun Gods and thus mythical creatures. They are portrayed as rare phenomenons and a sign of good found in all mankind. The ‘White Lion’ name gives this new brewery a majestic, sophisticated vibe that certainly holds true for the beer styles as well. We are proud to feature this up and coming brewery to our Craft Beer Club members, and hope you enjoy two of their most popular selections. Cheers!