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Indiana's largest micro brewery crafts a unique collection of award-winning beers with traditional ingredients and a distinctive, masterful twist

Founded in 1997 by Marc Sattinger, Russ Levitt, and Dean LaPlante, Upland Brewing Company takes its name from the "Norman and Crawford Uplands". This term was given to the southern region of Indiana, which was never overrun by the glaciers that flattened much of the state's landscape. The raised highlands, or uplands, remained untouched and resulted in a region of rugged, heavily wooded hills and hollows. Upland Brewing Company's approach to brewing honors the spirit and history of this unique place

Upland BreweryIn 1998, the brewpub opened its doors, and the distribution of bottles and kegs began. The first beers they had on tap were their Wheat Ale, Pale Ale, and Bad Elmer’s Porter. The year after the doors opened, the brewpub began serving food, and by 2004, the brewing companies distribution had reached all 92 counties of Indiana.

In 2006, Caleb Staton stepped into the head brewer's boots, and ownership changed hands to Doug Dayhoff. The two of them have taken the brewery to the next level. Many of the Ales, Lagers, and Sours brewed at Upland's Bloomington, Indiana location are unique twists on traditional recipes, while others are products of their own imagination. Production has ramped up over the last several years and Upland now makes about twenty different microbrews for their brand.

Also in 2006, Upland traded a few cases of beer for some empty wine barrels from Oliver Winery, and began their innovation with sour beers. Small batches of their sour ales were sold only in their taproom. By 2016, Upland opened their own brewery and taproom dedicated to sour ales called The Wood Shop, and their wood aged sour beers were being distributed in 20+ markets across the country.

Sour Beer Wine Barrels Upland is so invested in their sour beers, as a leading sour producer over the past 10 years, that they started their own Sour Wild Funk Festival, which takes place in Indianapolis every spring. This festival features about 50 breweries from across the world.

From their wood-aged sour ales, to year round ales and lagers, to experimental Side Trail beers, every beer is brewed with remarkable ingredients by remarkable people.

In 2010, the microbrewery’s distribution expanded to include ales and lagers throughout Indiana, and parts of Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

In 2012, Upland obtained the rights to Champagne Velvet, a pre prohibition Pilsner, originally made by Terre Haute Brewing Company in 1902. They then began brewing and distributing the classic brew under the Upland name.

Patrick GordanUpland Brewing Company is proud that several of their micro brews have brought home national and international medals and beer awards, but, what they care about most is brewing the kinds of beers they like to enjoy - beers that are unique, flavorful, and consistently high in quality. With a full-service restaurant attached to their brewery in Bloomington, a tasting room in Indianapolis, and distribution throughout the state, Upland has become a premier Midwest craft brewery with an exciting future ahead.

Fun fact: Upland beer bottles and signage appear throughout the television series, Parks and Recreaction!

Enjoy one of their superb brews at one of their four Upland brewing tasting rooms, which are located in Bloomington, Columbus, Carmel, and Indianapolis! Below is a map of where Upland Brewing Company is located in Bloomington, Indiana. Our Craft Beer Club members are lucky enough to enjoy a variety of Upland brews in their monthly subscription. Cheers!

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