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Founded in Salt Lake City in 1993

Uinta Brewing Company was founded in 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah by Will Hamill. The brewery was named after an east-west mountain range in northeastern Utah and today is known for its highly distinctive beers, award-winning reputation, and experimental brewing techniques. Now beginning its 21st year, Uinta Brewing Company continues to show its dedication to Utah and finds unique ways to integrate the state’s persona into the brand.

Hamill realized he wanted to be in the craft beer industry while homebrewing in Portland, Maine, where he grew up. It eventually lead him to the other Portland (Portland, Oregon), where he found his way into the commercial side brewing and began formulating a business plan for the future Uinta Brewing Company. Hamill chose Salt Lake City for the brewery location based on the city’s recreation. An avid skier and mountain biker, Hamill was thrilled with the region’s possibilities and decided there was no better place. Plus, he was excited by the idea of bringing good beer to Utah - a state where there were only a handful of brewpubs at the time.

Uinta Brewing Company became Utah’s second full-fledged brewery, and the first that wasn’t a brewpub. The brewery operated as draft-only for the first few years, and in 1996 when the bottling line was brought in, sales really started to pick up.

Many of Uinta’s beer names are inspired by Utah’s diverse landscapes or have historical significance. Cutthroat Pale Ale, for instance, is named after Utah’s state fish, while Bristlecone Brown Ale is named as a tribute to the regal Grand Basin Bristlecone Pine.

Always wanting to create a new beer experience, Hamill launched a Crooked Line of beers in 2010. These beers are packaged in 750mL bottles and are cork finished. The intention was that these beers would be shared, as one would share a bottle of wine. Most of these beers are aged in oak, whiskey, or bourbon barrels. Hamill also designed a custom, proprietary 12 oz bottle for his other beers. It’s named the compass bottle because “You’ll never get lost with a Uinta bottle in hand!”

Not only has Uinta garnered awards from regional, national, and international competitions for its beers, the brewery has also been recognized for it’s dedication to the environment. The company is 100% wind-powered and is committed to using renewable resources. Uinta is a proud Utah company that is dedicated to brewing world-class beer using the best practices and ingredients.

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