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A family owned artisan brewery in Warrenville, Illinois, produces European-style beers

Two Brothers Brewing Company was founded by Jason and Jim Ebel in late 1996 in Warrenville, Illinois. The brewery was inspired by the brothers’ company ‘The Brewer’s Coop,’ a retail store for home brewing and winemaking equipment that opened in 1992 in Naperville, Illinois. Surrounded by all things brewing in their Brewers Coop shop, Jim and Jason became more and more passionate about opening their own microbrewery and have quickly become one of the best of all Illinois Breweries.

The brothers’ interest in beer began while they were living as ex-pats in Europe. They learned the diversity and culture of European beers and upon returning home to the United States, found that these rich, flavorful craft-style beers were virtually nonexistent. Jim and Jason began homebrewing to replicate the beer styles they had come to love, and opened The Brewers Coop as a serious career step into the industry.

Over the next few years, Jason moved to Denver, Colorado to start his professional brewing career while Jim oversaw The Brewer’s Coop and attended nearby DePaul University’s College of Law. As talk of opening their own microbrewery became more serious, Jason moved home and started his brewing studies at the Siebel Institute of Technology while they finalized business plans.

In 1996, Two Brothers Brewing Company was born. The original brewery was designed around the brewhouse, a small 15-barrel system designed by Jason and based on the traditional 3-vessel brewhouses of Germany. Much of the other equipment was donated by the brothers’ grandfather, a retired dairy farmer. They converted bulk milk tanks into fermenters and dairy cream tanks into the brewery’s aging tanks! Two Brothers Brewing Company sold its first keg of beer in March of 1997, and they haven’t looked back since.

Two Brothers Brewing Company has been a very successful endeavor thus far, with Jim and Jason expanding the fermentation capacity nearly every year since 2008. Today, the brewery crafts fourteen different beers, many of which earn national recognition at brewing competitions. The brothers have also added two local brewpub restaurants to their company umbrella, and plan on opening a tap house and brewery location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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