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A local's favorite in Conway, New Hampshire

Founded with a love of New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley, Tuckerman Brewing Company has grown into an award-winning family of mountain brewed beers.

Small batch brewing at its best! Tuckerman Brewing Company was founded by Nik Stanciu and Kirsten Neves in 1998 in Conway, New Hampshire. Today, the microbrewery is one of the state's best small producers, garnering a number of awards for its unique beer recipes that celebrate the region's popular hiking and skiing destinations.

Nik and Kirsten met while in college and a few years after graduating, decided they weren't happy with their career paths. Nik was a scientist and Kirsten was thinking about law school, but neither was satisfied and yearned for something more. The two moved to Nik's hometown in Conway, New Hampshire and fell in love with the mystique of Mount Washington Valley and Tuckerman Ravine. They decided to create their own business and this beautiful destination seemed like the perfect place to start.

Kirsten and Nik shared a common love of craft beer and had been dabbling in home brewing for a number of years. Then the epiphany hit them - Why not turn this hobby into a career? Conway, New Hampshire was in need of a local brewery and what beautiful surroundings to draw inspiration from! Kirsten and Nik named the new entity Tuckerman Brewing Company after the nearby Tuckerman Ravine and released their first batch of beer in January of 1998.

In the beginning, it was just Nik and Kirsten a few friends helping out. The local support was fantastic though, and the town of Conway totally embraced the new craft brewery. The popularity of Tuckerman's beers kept growing and with the help of two local distributors, Tuckerman made its way into local restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores. The brewery was on its way!

Today, Tuckerman has moved to a larger brewing facility and Kirsten and Nik are joined by a team of skilled brewers to help keep up with the growing demand of their four unique brews. Together, they have made Tuckerman Brewing Company a mainstay in Conway, New Hampshire and a locals favorite with their tours, tastings, fundraisers, and festivals.

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