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Taking pride in making some of the finest beers in Colorado

Located in the historic mining town of Idaho Springs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub was founded in 1994 and quickly became one of the best known micro breweries in the state.

The brewery is situated in the town's old Placer Inn, which opened in 1859 and used to offer a place to stay for miners during the days of the gold rush. Today, Idaho Springs maintains its historic mining town feel, and many of the local businesses (including Tommyknocker Brewery) pay homage to the town's beginnings. The area's old English miners had superstitions and stories of mischievous elf-like creatures who lived in the tunnels of the mines. These Tommyknockers got their name from knocking on the mine walls, and as stories say, guided many fortunate miners to gold and fortune. Tommyknocker Brewery continues the legend, honoring the tales and superstitions of these elves with quality handcrafted Lagers and Ales.

The brewery is lead by head brewer Steve Indrehus who consistently turns out award-winning craft beers with the help of his skilled staff. With nine Great American Beer Festival awards, Indrehus takes pride in making some of the finest beers in Colorado.

In addition to offering craft beers, Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub has a fabulous restaurant on site, with many of the dishes featured as food pairing options for the brews. The destination is an ideal stop for local skiers and a great choice for families enjoying mountain activities any season of the year.

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