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Has garnered literally hundreds of awards since opening its doors

The brainchild of Lou Jemison and Ronald Manabe, the Tied House Brewery was founded in 1987 in Mountain View, California as the first brewpub in Silicon Valley. Lou and Ronald had teamed up with Master Brewer Cheuck Tom whose brewing career included a thirty-year tenure at Hong Kong's San Miguel Brewing, and six years as brewmaster for Anheuser-Busch. Each of Tied House's original beer recipes were developed by Cheuck and have remained popular, award-winning brews ever since.

The name Tied House Brewery comes from an old system of tied and free houses that emerged during England's Industrial Revolution. A "free house" was privately owned and sold any type of beer, while a "tied house" was a pub owned by a specific brewery and only allowed to sell that brewery's beer. This "tied" the house to that brewery.

Today, Tied House Brewery is led by brewmaster and founder Ron Manabe and head brewer Peter Licht. Together, they gave made Tied House into an incredibly popular destination as a staple of the Mountain View community.

What began as a tiny micro brewery in 1987 with four basic house beers (Blonde Ale, Amber Ale, Brown Ale, and Porter), has now grown to feature over fifteen different beers on tap and a new sister brand, Hermitage, which brews the new Coastal Fog label down the road in San Jose.

Tied House Brewery has garnered literally hundreds of awards since opening its doors 25 years ago, including the first "Golden Bear" trophy that signifies Best in Show at the annual California State Beer Competition. Their accomplishments are quite impressive, as the beers only seem to be getting better and better. Coastal Fog is the newest label to be released and the feedback has been rather exciting! Cheers!

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