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A religious experience in craft brewing, The Black Abbey offers Belgian- Style beers inspired by Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

Established by homebrewers Carl Meier and John Owen in 2013, The Black Abbey Brewing Company is one of Nashville, Tennessee’s premier craft breweries, offering Belgian-style ales based on 600-plus years of brewing tradition. Since opening their doors nearly ten years ago, The Black Abbey has built a reputable name for its unique, award-winning brews and welcoming taproom dubbed ‘The Fellowship Hall,’ which regularly draws lively crowds filled with loyal beer enthusiasts.

Prior to starting The Black Abbey, Carl worked in both the nonprofit and banking industries (including in New York City), and John Owen held successful careers in recruiting and IT. The friends were also both long-time homebrewers, often working together to craft imaginative recipes - many of which went on to earn several awards in nearby competitions. At one point, after more than twenty years of homebrewing - and winning all the competitions - Carl and John decided to follow their passion and make a business plan for the brewery they dreamed of starting. The Black Abbey Brewing Company brewed its first official batch in August of 2013 and the team hasn’t looked back since.

The Black Abbey takes its inspiration from Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. As the story goes, Luther became a monk and moved to a monastery called The Black Cloister. It was here that Luther wrote his 95 Theses, which he nailed to the castle church doors in 1517 - the act that set off the Protestant Reformation. Years later, Luther married Katherine von Bora, a former nun who became a brewer and made the best known Belgian-style beer in Wittenberg.

As such, The Black Abbey makes beers born out of defiance, brewed with conviction, and quaffed by fellow devotees. Carl and John utilize local ingredients and traditional techniques, taking a stylistic interpretation of classic Belgian-style beers and making them approachable, fresh and distinctive. We are excited to share these creations with our Craft Beer Club members!

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