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Temperance Beer Company is trying to improve peoples’ lives, and they’re doing it with beer.

Founded in Evanston, Illinois in 2013, Temperance Beer Company started as a dream of home-brewer Josh Gilbert’s and it has turned into one of the state’s most celebrated craft breweries. Josh and his skilled team of brewers aim to brew beer that’s accessible to everyone - beer that’s balanced and nuanced yet still full of flavor and fun. They enjoy playing with different flavors and testing out the unexpected, and it is what makes Temperance Beer Company stand out from the crowd.

Born and raised in Evanston, Josh Gilbert worked as an architect prior to opening his own brewery. He operated his own two-person firm, but enjoyed home-brewing on the side. Following the recession, he started thinking about what he would rather be doing than architecture and beer was the clear choice. He attended the Siebel Institute in 2011 to learn, about running a brewery, wrote a business plan, and finally made his dream a reality in 2013.

Temperance’s brewery and taproom are beautifully designed and offer a warm, welcoming, laid back atmosphere for enjoying Josh’s array of award-winning brews. And the name of the brewery? ‘Temperance’ is a nod to Evanston’s history and is named after the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which was founded there. Although the Union initiated dry laws that lasted from 1855 to 1972, the group was interested in more than the prohibition of alcohol. They also wanted to improve people’s lives and worked for womens’ right to vote, the eight-hour workday and other social reforms. As the first brewery in Evanston, Josh wanted to tie into this rich history - Temperance Beer Company is also trying to improve peoples’ lives, and they’re doing it with beer.

Incredibly, many of Josh’s Temperance beers started as his own home-brew recipes and Restless Years, one of this month’s featured beers, is Josh’s first home-brew recipe! We are happy to share this successful craft brewer in Evanston, Illinois with our Craft Beer Club members and hope you enjoy two of their popular offerings. Cheers!

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