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An Alabama craft brewery focused on community, character, and culture

Founded in 2009 by local homebrewing enthusiasts Dan Perry and Rick Tarvin, Straight to Ale Brewery is located in Hunstville, Alabama. The craft brewery has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest craft breweries in the state with a wide variety of flavorful, locally inspired brews with rather unique names.

Dan Perry was an engineer who started making his own beer in 1987 - never mind the law that was in place that made homebrewing illegal in the state of Alabama at the time. The law was rarely enforced, but was finally changed in May of 2013. Dan enjoyed sharing his homebrews with friends and coworkers, who all appreciated his talent. In 2009, after the ‘Free the Hops’ grassroots non-profit organization succeeded in increasing the alcohol by volume (ABV) limit in beer from 6% to 13.9%, Dan Perry and Rick Tarvin decided it was time to open a brewery in Huntsville. Dan had always said that if Alabama changed its beer laws, he’d go into the beer business. This was his chance.

For the first two years, Dan and Rick made small batches of Straight to Ale beer at Huntsville’s historic Lincoln Mill. The beers were all recipes that Dan and Rick had developed while homebrewing, and they seemed to be accepted quite well by the local beer enthusiasts. In fact, by 2011, Straight to Ale was ready for its first expansion and they moved brewing operations to the old site of Olde Towne Brewing Co., Huntsville’s first Post-Prohibition craft brewery that closed its doors in early 2011. The property is a large brick warehouse near downtown and it has provided the perfect space for housing Straight to Ale Brewery (and Alabama’s first taproom) - that is, until 2016 when Straight to Ale opened its new 55,000 square foot facility at Campus 805, reclaiming a long vacant Middle School campus on the edge of downtown Huntsville and turned it into a thriving community of breweries, bars, restaurants and local shops. At the new location, Straight to Ale expanded to include cider and mead production, along with distilled spirits (Shelta Cavern Spirits), a scratch made kitchen (Ale’s Kitchen), a pinball arcade, and pool room (Ronnie Rayguns). Needless to say, it has been a great move for Straight to Ale.

Straight to Ale continues to gain regional and national attention within the craft beer community and they are growing their distribution network in the southeast.

Some of Straight to Ale’s best selling beers (and some of the best names) are Monkeynaut IPA, He Ain’t Hefe, Brother Joseph’s Belgian Dubbel, and Stop Work 689. The beer names are all inspired by Huntsville, Alabama’s local surroundings and events, historical figures, and favorite places.

Through all of the success, Straight to Ale stays focused on the beer - experimenting with new recipes and barrel aging techniques to keep the brand competitive, innovative, and current.

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