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Focusing on the highest quality and tradition of European-style brewing

Established in 1985, Sprecher Brewing Company is dedicated to producing the best connoisseur-style craft beers and full-flavored gourmet sodas. Brewery founder Randal Sprecher was formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company and was intrigued by the idea of focusing on specialty 'craft beers' with an eye on the highest quality and tradition of European-style brewing.

The inspiration for Sprecher Brewing Company originated when Sprecher was sent to work for a general in Augsburg, Germany during the Vietnam war. During his 18 months of working there he gained an appreciation for German style beer.

Upon arriving back in the United States, he sadly realized his budget wouldn’t cover European style beers, only lower priced American beer. Being resourceful, he began home brewing his own craft beers like the ones he discovered during his military service.

Randy Sprecher additionally acquired a college degree from Humboldt State, switching his major from Oceanography to any courses that would help him start his own brewery. On top of his studies, he began working several jobs including construction, mail delivery, tutoring, and Social Security client intake.

In 1972, Sprecher applied to do special studies coursework at UC Davis involving fermentation science. Through these courses he became an expert in yeast, which further refined his brewing skills. Finally, Randy was hired by Pabst as the Supervisor of Brewing Operations at the Milwaukee brewery, so he packed up his Volkswagen Bus with all his brewing equipment, and made the move. During this time he continued home brewing, sampling friends, and most importantly, saving his money.

In 1984, when many employees including himself were let go, he took the $40,000 he had saved and began building the brewery of his dreams. Almost all of the equipment was either purchased used from an auction, or hand built by Sprecher and his friends.

At the beginning, Sprecher Brewing Company was located at 701 W Oregon St., in Milwaukee's Walker's Point area in a relatively small facility, but through the first ten years, the company steadily grew as locals and visitors to the area quickly discovered the high quality craft beers being produced.

By 1994, Sprecher had outgrown its original facility and Randal began looking for a new location to continue its growth. He found the perfect spot at a former car factory on West Glendale Avenue, Wisconsin with a large space that would enable the company to continue growing and allow more visitors to enjoy all of Sprecher's fine products. Sprecher is still located at this facility today.

If you visit Sprecher Brewery today, and tour their brew house, you will find the reason “Fire-Brewed” is found on all of their packaging, which is because they still brew all craft beers and sodas in their hand-built gas-fired brew kettle. At the end of every tour, Sprecher has saved the best for last, for you get to enter their indoor beer garden and enjoy free samples of their wide array of some of the best craft beer and sodas around.

Sprecher produces another small line of beers under its Chameleon Brewing Company label, which is highly-respected, but much more exclusive, not being widely available. This label consists of the Hop on Top Aroma Hop Ale, the Witty White Wheat Ale brewed with spices, the Firelight English-style Summer Ale, and the Ryediculous Rye IPA.

Sprecher Brewing Company crafts over twenty different year-round, seasonal, and limited release beers, as well as eight gourmet sodas and a few additional seasonal ones, many of which have garnered awards over the years.

The brewery has been named Small Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, in addition to making the Top 50 American Breweries list by both RateBeer.com and BeerAdvocate.com, probably the most widely used online beer rating sites. We are proud to offer you these special selections from Sprecher in our monthly beer box, and we hope you enjoy them!

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