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South Carolina

Bluffton, South Carolina’s first microbrewery brings an innovative vibe and a diverse range of classic yet stylistic craft beers

Founded in 2015 by businessman Stewart Taylor, Southern Barrel Brewing Company is an exciting new addition to the town of Bluffton, South Carolina. The state of the art facility features a 10,000 square foot production space, a 2,500 square foot tavern serving seasonal farm-totable style food, and an outdoor beer garden that’s loaded with visitors on any given weekend afternoon. Although just two years old, this brewery has certainly established itself as a fitting, forward-thinking entity within the town of Bluffton.

After selecting Bluffton as the home for Southern Barrel Brewing Company, Taylor hired award-winning brewmaster Walter Trifari to lead the brewery’s beer production. Trifari is a twenty year veteran in the industry who got his start at John Harvard’s Brew House in Westport, Connecticut in 1997. He has since brewed beer in many different environments and most recently worked as head brewer of Fordham and Old Dominion Brewing Company in Delaware. In his ten years there, he tripled the brewery’s production size and won several awards along the way. Trifari is now a nationally recognized name in the craft brewing industry and brings an impressive degree of experience to Southern Barrel Brewing Company.

Trifari was excited to join the SBBC team and looks forward to making the microbrewery a major player in the South Carolina brewing scene and beyond. He especially enjoys the attached tavern and beer garden spaces that allow him to interact with customers while they enjoy his creations.

The goal at SBBC is to combine the beauty of the old with a taste of the new - not only can this be seen in the brewery tavern (built with reclaimed wood from owner Stewart Taylor’s 19th century barn in Pennsylvania), but also in the range of classic and progressive style beers offered at the brewery. Many of the beers are multi-award winners as well.

We hope you enjoy these two selections from Southern Barrel Brewing Company. Cheers!

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Walter Trifari - Brewmaster

Picture of Walter Trifari - Brewmaster