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The most award-winning small brewery in the country today!

Nestled beneath the towering Teton Mountain Range and along the great Snake River is Jackson Hole, Wyoming's hugely popular Snake River Brewing Company. This family owned brewery is the only brewery in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area and today is the most award-winning small brewery in the country with nearly 200 awards to their name!

The brewery and its adjoining restaurant were originally founded in 1994 by Joni and Albert Upsher who successfully ran the business until retiring and selling to Ted and Noa Staryk in 2007. With the guidance of brewing director Chris Erickson and head brewer Cory Buenning, the Snake River Brewing team is more amped than ever to be producing their wide range of Lagers and Ales and sharing their craft with beer enthusiasts across the country.

For the most part, Snake River brews their beers to style, seeking out authentic ingredients from all around the globe, resulting in a wide variety of beers that local visitors to the brewery simply can't get enough of.

In recent news, Snake Brewing Company did something quite impressive last year when they said a fond farewell to glass bottles and made the decision to start canning their entire lineup. Five of their beers are now available in cans, and they're each incredible in their own right. Not only are these beers Gold Medal Winning beers, but the brewery itself has been named Small Brewery of the Year twice at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado in the last ten years. We hope you enjoy these multi-award-winning beers, and encourage you to embrace the growing canned craft beer explosion!

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