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Proudly bringing life back into the great historic town of Brunswick, Maryland, Smoketown Brewing Station offers award-winning craft beers in a contemporary setting.

Founded in 2015 in Brunswick, Maryland’s old local firehouse, Smoketown Brewing Station was established by David Blackmon, offering ‘Blue Collar Craft’ ales and lagers for everyone to enjoy. The brewery’s three locations and traditionally made award-winning beers make it a neighborhood favorite for the people of Brunswick.

David Blackmon has been an entrepreneur since 1990, when he first opened three used bookstores in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Most recently, he was in the remodeling and ‘flipping’ business and actually purchased the old firehouse building with other plans in mind. He was inspired by the building’s aesthetic and had intended on creating a reclamation and architectural salvage resale space. Three months into that project, however, he paid a visit to Milkhouse Brewery (Mt. Airy, Maryland) and had a beer. Sitting here, it dawned on him that what Brunswick really needed was something contemporary, with energy, to help revive the town - and a brewery was exactly what was missing.

Blackmon may not have had a history with brewing, but he sure knocked it out of the park with Smoketown Brewing Station, which opened its doors in 2016. The family owned brewery has become a small-town hero and recently expanded to a second location, Smoketown: Creekside, in the city of Frederick, Maryland. Each of the breweries have their own identities and styles, while still offering a wide range of Smoketown’s favorite award-winning beers. The brewery takes its name from a nickname given to the town of Brunswick in the early 1900’s. At the time, the valleys of the town were blanketed in smoke from visiting coal trains on the local tracks and thus the area was coined ‘Smoketown.’

We are proud to present Smoketown Brewing Station to our Craft Beer Club members and hope you enjoy two of their most popular offerings. Cheers!

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