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Brooklyn's Sixpoint Brewery embraces the historical culture of beer

Sixpoint Brewery may have been founded in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York, but the owners say the company was actually born at the dawn of civilization, when grains were first being harvested to make fermented beverages. The brewery's logo, a six-pointed star, is actually derived from a symbol from the Middle Ages that signified purity and excellence in brewing. Today, Sixpoint Brewery celebrates beer brewing culture throughout history and embraces the philosophy their ancient logo stands for.

Sixpoint Brewery was founded by Andrew Bronstein and Shane Welch, two friends who met as classmates while attending the University of Wisconsin. Shane grew up in Milwaukee and became an avid homebrewer during his college days - in fact, he even took a semester off to brew full time and entered many of his beers into local competitions. He gained further experience working at Angelic Brewing Company, but his heart was set on developing his own brewery. A few years after graduating, Shane teamed up with a friend Andrew Bronstein to make his brewing dream a reality.

Sixpoint Brewery was established in an old, rundown brewery location in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. Shane and Andrew spent the first few months cleaning and accumulating the necessary brewing equipment and on Thanksgiving Day of 2004, brewed their first Sixpoint beer. They started small, selling kegs to local restaurants and bars, and built a reputation as a serious newcomer to New York's craft beer industry. Their beers were different, more complex and more exciting than anything else in the immediate area. Shane and Andrew admittedly love hops and usually make beers with high IBU's and alcohol content for their Sixpoint portfolio.

In 2011, Sixpoint introduced canned beers, offering their favorite brews in a signature slim 12 oz can. Today, their ever popular beers, distinctive recipes, and cutting edge look continues to make them a leading craft brewer in Brooklyn, New York.

Shane and Andrew have successfully followed a brewing philosophy that doesn't hold them to 'style guidelines.' Rather, each beer creation is distinctly its own and can't necessarily be described as a 'hefeweizen,' 'pale ale,' or ''IPA'. This insistency of being different has made them into the world-class brewers they are today.

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