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The eighth oldest brewery in America, Sig Luscher Brewery was revived 152 years after the original was founded in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Sig Luscher is a heritage brewery originally formed in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1866 by Swiss immigrant, Sigmund Luscher. Today, the brand and brewery have been revived by Sig’s great, great, great grandson Timothy Luscher to honor his legacy with specialty craft beers and by creating the kind of company they think would make him proud. Sigmund Luscher started the original Sig Luscher Brewery after taking over the Capitol Brewing Company in Frankfort in 1866. He became a figurehead in the
community, trading yeast with distillery tycoon E.H. Taylor, Jr. and he even patented one of the first industrial ice machines. Sigmund also brewed a crisp, light Pilsner that by all accounts was a huge hit as far as the horses, railroads and steamboats could carry it. When the brewery closed its doors following his death in 1891, an important piece of brewing history was nearly forgotten. Fortunately in 2018, Tim decided to breathe new life into Sigmund’s legacy by re-opening what is now the 8th oldest brewery in America.

Tim also teamed up with brewer Dylan Greenwood, a former elementary school teacher turned brewmeister who developed the flagship Pilsner for the revived Sig Luscher Brewery. They may not have Sigmund’s original recipe, but they do have a chemical analysis which was done of the original Pilsner, which helped them finesse their final product. Their other permanent beer is the ‘66 Wheated Lager and they have two seasonals that rotate every few months.

While Sig Luscher is first and foremost a brewery, it’s actually much more than that and it’s what is helping set the entity apart. Not only does the brewery offer an extensive breakfast and lunch menu complete with omelette biscuits and beer-steamed franks, the team also brings in food trucks on the weekends and once a month gets together to make Kraut, which ferments for weeks (See recipe on back!). The Kraut is so popular that they are starting to get requests from some restaurants in the area. Sig Luscher is also a place for local bands to play and the host of several community events that bring the people of Frankfort together. People are quickly falling in love with the environment at Sig Luscher, and it seems they are doing Sigmund proud.

We are happy to present this up-and-coming brewery to our members and hope you enjoy their two permanent offerings. Cheers!

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Trivia Time!

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1. What is a Pilsner?
A Pilsner is one of the youngest beer styles in the world. It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties. It was originally brewed in Plzen, Czechoslovakia in 1842 using the region’s distinctive Noble Saaz hops.

2. What is an all-grain beer?
An all-grain beer is a beer made entirely from malted grains, as opposed to beers made from malt extract.

3. What distinguishes a Double IPA from an IPA?
Double IPA’s (also called “Imperial” IPA’s) have even more hops added to them than traditional IPA’s, sometimes double or triple the amount. To balance the strong, hoppy taste, more malt is added to Double IPA’s, which also lends to the strength of this beer. Flavor-wise, Double IPA’s have strong, fruity, hoppy notes and deep malty undertones.