Sierra Blanca Brewing Company

New Mexico

The wild, wild, west super brewery east of Albuquerque

Brewed in the wild west of Moriarty, New Mexico, Sierra Blanca Brewing Company rises to the top of the southwestern craft beer market. Rich Weber and his wife Suzanne traveled west from New Jersey in 1995 with a pioneering spirit and the intention of starting a brewery. Rich had a background in electrical/mechanical engineering and Suzanne was a savvy business woman - both were tired of the daily grind and hoped to turn their love of beer into a career. In 1996, Rich and Suzanne founded Sierra Blanca Brewing Company in Carrizozo, New Mexico. The brewery slowly increased production and sales over the years, but their location in southern rural New Mexico was limiting just how much they could grow.

In 2006, Sierra Blanca Brewing Company relocated to Moriarty, New Mexico, just outside of Albuquerque - a decision that has proven to be very fortuitous. Today, Sierra Blanca Brewing Company is the largest microbrewery in the state of New Mexico.

In 2007, the brewery gained even more steam as Rich and Suzanne purchased the Rio Grande Brewing Company lineup of beers. They are now responsible for 14 styles of craft beers under the Sierra Blanca Brewing Company umbrella and all are available for tasting at the recently built ABQ Brew Pub (in Albuquerque) and the Rio Grande Brew Pub and Grill (at the Albuquerque Sunport). Each location offers Sierra Blanca’s award-winning local craft beers, a relaxed environment, and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

We hope you enjoy these two popular selections from Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, and make a toast to this premier southwest microbrewery. We wish them many more decades.

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