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A growing craft brewery with a loyal following in Washington State

Scuttlebutt is what makes the military run smoothly and sometimes leads to uncommon nicknames.

Such is the case with Cynthia ‘Scuttle’ Bannan who owns the burgeoning Scuttlebutt Brewing Company with her husband Phil. Her naval service father had hung the moniker on her before her birth and thankfully shortened it on her thirteenth birthday.

The Scuttlebutt Brewing Company took life on July 4, 1996 and sold a grand total of 170 barrels in its first year. It has grown substantially and today sells a total of around 8,700 barrels in 18 states and three ongoing countries; Canada, Japan and China.

The brewery and restaurant are located on the Puget Sound waterfront (actually the Everett Waterfront) and shows magnificent views of the historic waterway. Since its inception, Scuttlebutt Brewing Company has used only Northwest ingredients in making its 20 odd beers. Barley is sourced from Vancouver and hops from Yakima and Mabton, Washington. Proprietary yeast originates in Odell, Oregon and water comes from the Spada Reservoir in the Cascade Mountains.

In 2016, a taproom was added to expand the brewery that featured an ‘L’ shaped redwood bar that was sourced from a tree that once towered over property owned by the grandfather of Phil Bannan along the Russian River in Sonoma, California.

Phil Bannan, Jr. handles the day-to-day operations for the company but founder Phil Sr. continues to add his insights on a daily basis and is sometimes accompanied by his wife, Scuttle. Winemaker Matt Stromberg has been brew master for the past seventeen years and is a product of the gigantic McMenamins Breweries (25 in number) system of producing top brew masters.

The future looks extremely bright for Scuttlebutt Brewing Company and its colorful mermaid-themed labels. “We intend to grow our local and regional business,” confided Doug Tiede, Scuttlebutt’s marketing manager. “We do about 80% of our volume here in Washington. We want to grow that business and satisfy our great local customer base. In our business, it’s all about loyalty and that means a great deal to each one of us at Scuttlebutt brewing Company.”

Such individuality and foresight in this day and age is refreshing to see in the Craft Beer business. We hope the successes of Scuttlebutt Brewing Company continues to grow and prosper in the future.

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Cynthia 'Scuttle' & Phil Bannan - Owners

Picture of Cynthia 'Scuttle' & Phil Bannan - Owners