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Sand Creek Brewing Company



Finely crafted ales and lagers in the proud tradition of Wisconsin brewing

Sand Creek Brewing Company was founded in 1999 by Brewmaster Cory Schroeder and Jim Wiesender in Downing, Wisconsin. After homebrewing on his family’s dairy farm for years, Cory decided to open his own brewery. He and Jim scrounged up the necessary equipment and launched a successful business, brewing the beer just steps away from the chicken coop and a busy dairy farm.

Their ales were excellent and soon developed a reputation throughout Wisconsin’s many brew festivals. Sand Creek Brewing Company had a tiny capacity though (only about 150 barrels of beer per year), so Cory and Jim sought out a suitable place to relocate their growing business. An opportune phone call from friend Todd Krueger in Black River Falls proved to be just the answer they were looking for.

Todd Krueger was the Brewmaster at Pioneer Brewing Company, announcing that their brewery was for sale. The two breweries decided to combine forces and in March of 2004, the new Sand Creek Brewing Company was established in Pioneer’s existing location in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Their new location came with quite a history behind it too. Built in 1856, the old building was home to one of the area’s first breweries (Oderbolz Brewing Company) right up until Prohibition in 1920. It was established by Swiss immigrant Ulrich Oderbolz who cut his brewery into the side of a hill, as was the practice in those days. It wasn’t until 1995 that Pioneer Brewing Company was founded there and Brewmaster Todd Krueger outfitted it with the latest in brewing technology. Today, the Sand Creek Brewing Company operates in Ulrich Oderbolz’s same brewery building, and the beer is stored in the same 19th century beer cellar.

Todd Krueger is now the Brewmaster for Sand Creek Brewing Company and he has brought a few of his own recipes into the mix. The brewery continues to expand its brand and it is now known as one of the best craft breweries in the state! We are happy to share a pair of Sand Creek beers with our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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From which part of brewing did the term ‘rule of thumb’ originate?

Before the use of thermometers, brewers tested the temperature of their maturing brews with their thumbs: if it was too cold, the yeast wouldn’t grow, and if it was too hot, it would die.

Who was the first American to brew lager-type beer?

The first U.S. lager was brewed in 1840 by John Wagner, who had a small brewery in the back of his house on St. John Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wagner brought the first lager yeast to the United States from a brewery in Bavaria.

Which state has had more breweries in its history than any other state?