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Known for their hop-forward brews and rebellious point of view, Roughtail Brewing Company paves the way in Oklahoma’s craft beer community.

A brewery that goes against the norm, pushing the limits of both style and flavor with aggressive, hop-forward beers, Roughtail Brewing Company is one of the fastest growing craft breweries in Oklahoma, standing apart from the crowd and offering a number of bold, award-winning, proprietary brews. We are happy to introduce the highly successful Roughtail Brewing Company to our Craft Beer Club members this month.

The brewery was founded in 2013 by friends Blaine Stensel and Tony Tielli, who met through a homebrew club and were inspired to create something unique - a brewery that disregarded the status quo right from the beginning. Rather than blend in with the mass marketed light lagers, they chose to do things differently - to be a little rough around the edges. The name ‘Roughtail,’ by the way, comes from a particular gecko species that’s a bit tougher than one would expect - its name and persona seemed to exemplify Blaine and Tony’s style and approach, and it was decided.

Since the beginning, Roughtail Brewing Company has carved out a unique place in a crowded field, and along the way they have become one of the most distinctive and buzzed about breweries in the state. While their beers tend to be bigger, bolder, and more adventurous, make no mistake that these beers are also well balanced and expertly brewed - and many have won regional and national awards. It’s no wonder that Roughtail has seen such quick growth since opening its doors less than ten years ago.

Since 2013, Roughtail Brewing Company has gone from a small 10 barrel brewhouse system in a 5,000 square foot production space in Midwest City, Oklahoma, to a 30 barrel state-of-the-art system in Oklahoma City. They moved to their current sprawling facility in 2020, and have enjoyed the expansive brewing space and taproom where everything from their core lineup, to seasonals, limited releases, and barrel-aged bottles are available for tasting.

According to Blaine and Tony, this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more to come in Roughtail’s future.

Please enjoy two of their standout offerings. Cheers!

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