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Dedicated to serving their community through the good gift of beer, Reformation Brewery gathers a following of Georgia beer lovers.

Founded in 2013 by former pastor Spencer Nix and international pilot Nick Downs, Reformation Brewery is a values-based company that believes why you drink is as important as what you drink. The brewery is located in Woodstock, Georgia where Spencer and Nick seek to serve their local community through sharing the good gift of beer.

It all began as a friendship that formed through church, and over time, evolved into sharing beers from across the world and home-brewing to share those styles with family and friends. Spencer Nix and Nick Downs started home-brewing together and quickly realized they were brewing a lot more beer than they could drink themselves. They started hosting monthly brew nights to share their beers with friends and family and it wasn’t long before they could expect 100+ people to show up for these occasions. Not only did Spencer and Nick enjoy sharing their efforts with others, but they loved the community of people from all different backgrounds that would come together for these experiences. That’s when the light bulb went off, that maybe it was time to make a career out of this - that, and the fact that they won a local home brewing competition with one of their recipes.

Reformation Brewery was built on the values that were at the heart of those brew nights - acceptance, sharing stories, authenticity, moderation, humility, and humor. The brewery strives to make beer to bring people together, to enjoy special moments and to create memories. It doesn’t hurt that these beers are award-winning and premium quality as well.

Reformation Brewery now operates three taproom locations in Woodstock, Canton, and Smyrna. We are happy to introduce them to our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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