Rahr & Sons Brewing Company


A passionate family brewery in Fort Worth, Texas

Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. was founded by Fritz and Erin Rahr in 2004 on the south side of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Fritz attended Texas Christian University and fell in love with the town of Fort Worth. He decided it was the perfect place to carry on the Rahr family brewing tradition and open the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company.

The Rahr family started making beer in America in 1847 when William and Natalie Rahr immigrated from Rhineland, Germany to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The increasing population of European settlers in the area created a demand for beer of better quality and William (having come from a long line of German brewers) knew he was the man for the job. He founded Eagle Brewery which became the first lager brewery in Wisconsin. William also added a malt house that not only supplied the needs of his brewery, but also the needs of neighboring breweries.

In 1880, William’s sons took over the brewery and malt house and to honor their father, changed the name to William Rahr’s Sons Company. Today, the malt house (now known as Rahr Malting Company) now produces and supplies malt and industry-related brewing supplies to roughly 90% of the breweries in the United States.

William Rahr’s great-great grandson, Fritz Rahr, now follows in the tradition of his ancestors and brews majestic lagers and rich ales using age-old recipes in the styles of the original Rahr family brewers. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing only the finest beers possible, and their efforts have garnered numerous awards from all over the country.

While this family brewery clearly honors the past, it also nods to the future by constantly looking at new, innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. All brewery and office lighting is motion controlled to cut down on energy usage, and their heat exchange system transfers heat to save natural gas, water and energy. On brewing days, over a ton of spent grain leftover from the brewing process is donated to a local cattle ranch and all cardboard and plastic products used in the brewery are taken to a local recycling facility.

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