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A landmark brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin, Potosi Brewing Company offers world-class craft beers, a historic brewery museum, and a celebrated brewpub and restaurant.

Originally founded in 1852 along the Great River Road and just a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River, the Potosi Brewing Company brewed more than a century’s worth of delicious craft beer (and survived Prohibition), but ultimately closed its doors in 1972. In 2008, the brewery was re-founded on its original site, bringing craft brewing back to Main Street Potosi, Wisconsin - beer’s hometown. Today, the Potosi team crafts high quality beer in small batches and without compromise, forging a renewed tradition that’s all their own.

Potosi Brewery Exterior SignThe Potosi Brewing Company was reopened by the Potosi Brewing Foundation, a non-profit organization and the sole owner of the brewery. Following a $7.5 million restoration, the historical brewery opened its doors in 2008. The facility is now home to a brewpub, restaurant, beer garden, gift shop, Great River Road Interpretive Center, and The National Brewery Museum - a world-class center showcasing an eclectic collection of beer bottles and cans, glasses, trays, coasters, advertising materials and various other breweriana collectables. The Museum was recently named by Forbes as one of the Top 4 Beer Museums in the World and definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area. In fact, Potosi is offering FREE National Brewery Museum passes to our Craft Beer Club members (which include a free beer or root beer for anyone visiting the brewery and museum). Email sdjkflskadjflksdf to receive your FREE pass today!

Pitosi Brewery External ImageThe beer at Potosi Brewing Company is all about honoring the town and its people. It’s brewed in small batches with high quality ingredients, with a strong work ethic, an artist’s spirt and an explorer’s curiosity. Many of the craft beers in Potosi’s portfolio are award-winning, and with over twenty styles brewed throughout the year, there is certain to be a favorite for anyone. The beers are currently crafted by Head Brewer, Jon Gentry.

We are happy to present Potosi Brewing Co. to our Craft Beer Club members. Enjoy!

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