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A growing upstate craft brewery in Plover, Wisconsin, O’so Brewing Co. proudly produces a range of specially crafted beers made with Wisconsin-grown ingredients.

Founded in 2007 by Marc and Katina Buttera, O’so Brewing Company is located in Plover, Wisconsin and is known for brewing wild and delicious beers that continue to surprise and impress its expanding number of loyal fans and followers. Almost everything O’so Brewing Company uses in its beers, from the malts to the hops, is Wisconsin-grown, and the brewing team is O’so proud of it. From its humble beginnings, O’so Brewing Company has been declared the second fastest growing brewery in the state, and it is now the twelfth largest brewery in the state. Plus, with plans underway to not only open a tasting room in Madison, but an expansive 30,000 square foot brewery, taproom and barrel aging facility in Stevens Point, this Central Wisconsin brewery is well on its way to becoming a big name in the Midwest’s craft brewing scene.

Owner Marc Buttera began by making batches of craft beer at his home, and as an avid homebrewer himself, he decided to open Point Brew Supply, a homebrewing and winemaking supply business with his wife, Katina, in 2003 (the brewery is now located next door). Marc is the past president of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild and he is dedicated to not only growing his own brewery, but also supporting Wisconsin craft beer as a brand. In fact, Marc currently has 40 Wisconsin craft beers on tap in his O’so Brewing taproom, and he uses almost entirely Wisconsin products while crafting his O’so beers.

Head Brewer for O’so Brewing is James Vokoun, an Ohio native who started as a homebrewer and was a customer of Marc and Katina’s Point Brew Supply for several years. He is passionate about the details of crafting beer and has an affinity for wild beers and real ales. His skill and brewing style has been an incredible asset to O’so Brewing Company.

The name O’so is short for “oh so good,” by the way, which perfectly describes the tasty and distinctive line-up this up-and-coming craft brewer has to offer. We hope our craft beer of the month club members enjoy these two selections from O’so Brewing Company. Cheers!

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