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New Brew, Old Soul in Fauquier County Virginia with award-winning, traditional beers

Established in 2014 by longtime community members Ike and Julie Broaddus and Brewmaster Charles Kling, Old Bust Head Brewing Company was the first brewery in Fauquier County, Virginia and thus helped put Fauquier beer on the map. The trio of owners are serious about the art of crafting exceptional beer, about their passion for the environment, and bringing the community together, but they also keep it playfully in perspective by not taking life too seriously.

Located in a unique farm called ‘Vint Hill’ that for 50 years operated as a top secret military listening post, this historic location is certainly one of a kind. The 1950’s post and beam taproom offers indoor and outdoor seating that is both family and dog friendly. Their 48 taps give them a wide variety of ales and lagers and hard seltzers to serve to their thirsty visitors - and even some non-alcoholic options make their way in (locally made Kombucha and Cold Brew and their own ever-popular root beer). Local food trucks also come to the brewery every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, providing delicious food options for their visitors.

Old Bust Head crafts a wide variety of ales and lagers, from Pilsners to Porters and beyond with a light heart and serious attention to detail. It is their mission at Old Bust Head that whether they are brewing, barrel aging or souring, their finished product will be fresh and inspiring. The beer names at Old Bust Head are all tied to anecdotes from the local community; each one with a story to tell.

Old Bust Head also has a strong appreciation for the environment, which has driven their commitment to sustainability from the get-go. To do their part, Old Bust Head Brewing Company is solar powered, they have a state-of-the art geothermal system, they practice energy-efficient brewing, and utilize a high efficiency boiler. The team also has several conserving resources in place and they continue to do their part in supporting the health of the planet.

What about the name? Certainly unique and memorable, Old Bust Head takes its name from an old rural crossroads found in the rolling hills of Fauquier County. The locals who named the corner ‘Bust Head,’ enjoyed not only the potent libations that were once brewed there, but also a little good humor. Some say the locals came up with the nickname when a neighbor fell off his horse after ‘overindulging’ at the corner shop one evening. Lots of other tales have been told, but regardless, the Bust Head crossroads was a place that brought people together in good spirits and built community - which is what the team also hopes to do at Old Bust Head Brewing Company.

We hope our Craft Beer Club recipients enjoy these two standout selections from Old Bust Head Brewing Company. Enjoy!

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Ike & Julie Broaddus - Owners

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Trivia Time

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1. What is the oldest brewery in the world?
While it is subject to some debate, it is most widely believed that the brewery of Weihenstephan in Freising, Germany is the oldest in the world. The Bavarian brewers can trace their licensing history back to 1040 AD, and have been continually brewing ever since. There is also evidence as far back as 768 AD that documents a hop garden on the land, suggesting many more years of brewing tradition.

2. What is the best way to store beer?
Here are some beer storage tips! First, store your beers upright (this reduces the likelihood of contamination from the cap). Second, store your beers below room temperature (a warm shelf will accelerate the rate at which beer loses its freshness). Third, store your beers in the dark (beers become ‘sulfurous’ when they are touched by sunlight, which is why some companies choose to use brown bottles that block light and protect the beer as much as possible).