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A regional favorite and widely praised for its distinctive, uniquely flavored, award-winning brews

Founded by Fran and Tony Caradonna in 2000, the O’Fallon Brewery is one of St. Louis’ oldest and biggest craft breweries, celebrating its fifteenth anniversary last year. In the beginning, the Caradonnas did all the brewing and selling themselves, focusing on only one beer style - the O’Fallon Gold. They grew the brand over the next several years and in 2011, sold the brewery to Jim Gorczyca. Fran stayed on as General Manager of the entity and continues to be very involved in O’Fallon’s day-to-day operations to this day.

Jim Gorczyca, who is now the CEO/President of O’Fallon Brewery, found his way into the world of brewing at the age of 18 and has spent most of his life in this wonderfully exciting industry. After starting his career with a beer wholesaler in Missouri, Jim worked with some major brewers and built relationships throughout nine moves around the United States and a three year international assignment where he traveled throughout Europe, Russia, and China. He discovered that beer was as diverse as the consumers drinking it and was exposed to a wide variety of beer styles throughout his travels. Upon returning to the United States, Jim was determined to become a part of the craft beer revolution and brew beers that challenged and delighted consumers. He joined the O’Fallon team in 2011 and it was the opportunity of a lifetime, bringing twenty years of domestic and international beer experience to a small brewery with unlimited potential. At O’Fallon, Jim and his team strive to brew the highest quality beers possible and their efforts have been rewarded with many medals and awards.

Overseeing the brewing operations is Head Brewer Brian Owens, an O’Fallon, Missouri native who studied marketing, chemistry, and microbiology, in addition to earning his Certificate of Brewing and Packaging from UC Davis. He joined O’Fallon Brewery in January of 2002 as the brewery’s first employee and has been an essential member of the team, overseeing several expansions while maintaining a top notch brewing team for crafting O’Fallon’s award-winning beers.

O’Fallon Brewery’s portfolio of beers include a wide variety of styles, from Amber Ales, Porters, and IPA’s, to Stouts, Wheat beers, and a number of specialty ‘once brewed’ and seasonal offerings. Each are distinctive, uniquely flavored, and sure to impress your palate. We hope you enjoy the two selected for our Craft Beer Club members this month.

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