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One of Virginia’s leading independent craft breweries, O’Connor Brewing Co. sees fast growth while focusing on quality, innovation, and authenticity.

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, O’Connor Brewing Company is all about having fun, building a strong community, and hand-crafting unique, innovative products - in other words, brewing great beer. The entity was founded by President and Owner, Kevin O’Connor in 2010, and has since become a World Beer Cup award-winning brand with dozens of innovative beer styles and a growing legion of fans who love the brand for its quality and consistency.

Kevin O’Connor has always been a fan of good beer and even in his college days, started making beer in his dorm room and took a job working at a local brewpub. He
wrote his final college paper on starting his own brewery, and on St. Patrick’s Day in 2010, O’Connor Brewing Co. brewed its first batch, becoming one of Coastal Virginia’s very first craft breweries.

The brewery had humble beginnings, starting out in a small garage warehouse space, but with hard work, dedication, and support of the local community, it has exploded with success and become a mainstay brand. Since opening its doors, O’Connor Brewing Co. has expanded its warehouse space twice and moves further on its path to becoming a major mid-Atlantic regional brand.

The state-of-the-art brewery is nestled in the hip neighborhood of Ghent where it operates a 30-barrel brewhouse with plenty of square footage to see years of sustainated growth. And speaking of growth, O’Connor’s El Guapo Agave IPA is currently the fastest growing beer in the state of Virginia. Visitors to the brewery can taste through dozens of O’Connor’s award-winning beers while getting a front-row view of the brewing facility and process in action.

We are happy to present two of O’Connor’s most popular offerings to our Craft Beer Club members. Exuding an innovative, fun, approachable style, this brewery is brimming with delicious beer and excitement. Enjoy!

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