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Taste the Perfect Blend of Science and Business with this Pennsylvania Brewery from Slippery Rock

In 2005 Bob and Jodi McCafferty founded North Country Brewing to bring a fresh face and taste to the Pennsylvania Brewery scene. The building of the Brewery itself has a unique history behind. It was originally operated as an inn in the early 1800’s and then as a cabinet-making and coffin-making business before ultimately becoming a furniture store.

In 1998, Bob and Jodi fell in love with the old storefront and immediately started renovating it into today’s modern North Country Brewing. It took seven years to get the building ready. Bob grew up just ten miles south of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania and loved the small-town feel of knowing his neighbors and town shop owners. He also learned from an early age the importance of helping others.

His family was often involved in volunteering for “Meals on Wheels,” and spent time rebuilding homes at the Appalachian Work Camps. After graduating with a degree in environmental geosciences from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and dabbling in archaeology, Bob and his wife Jodi decided on the town of Slippery Rock to be their home. They saw the potential in the old downtown building, and were inspired to open a place that they would love to find and hang out in.

With Jodi’s background in restaurant management and Bob’s interest in the science behind craft brewing, they decided to open a craft brewery and restaurant that would show off their sustainable lifestyle and beliefs, while embracing the local, ‘small-town’ community.

Since opening its doors, North Country Brewing’s beers have been crafted with tradition and quality in mind. Each of the beers honor the area with local names and absolutely no preservatives, additives, or sugars are used in the brewing process.

While the number of different beers is quite extensive, the availability is scarce and hard to find outside the immediate area. At North Country Brewing, sustainability is just as important as beer quality. Bob and Jodi feature seasonal, locally-grown produce in the restaurant whenever possible and strive toward zero waste. In fact, they made their own compost garden for food waste and the spent grains from the brewing process are used to feed the cattle on Bob and Jodi’s farm (which, in turn, supply the restaurant’s burgers and steaks). The couple also founded ‘Polishing the Rock,’ a community-wide clean-up day.

North Country’s sustainable efforts and excellent craft brewing reputation have made it a community staple and we applaud their success thus far.

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