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Cincinnati’s oldest craft microbrewery, Mt. Carmel stays true to its humble beginnings while continuing to advance the frontier with boldly flavored, small-batch beers.

Mt. Carmel Brewing Company was founded in 2005 by Mike and Kathleen Dewey in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brewery, which is actually Cincinnati’s oldest craft microbrewery, started in the storm cellar of the Deweys’ 1924 farmhouse. With a stainless steel kettle and the Dewey family’s dedication to brewing the best small-batch, traditionally styled craft brews, the cornerstone of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company was formed.

Mike Dewey has been a life long resident of the ‘Queen City’ and grew up with a natural fascination of taking things apart and putting them back together. He wanted to know how things worked and how they could be made better. He always had a thirst for a good challenge. It’s no wonder he found his first career to be centered around engineering and construction. But Mike also had a passion for crafting beer, and word started spreading about how incredible his homebrew beers were. It was 2004, and Mike and his wife Kathleen realized that Cincinnati was really lacking in the craft beer market by national standards. At the time, no local microbrewery had been able to succeed in the local market - and that was the challenge. That is exactly why the Deweys decided to take on the endeavor to succeed where others had failed. In 2005, Mt. Carmel Brewing Company became a reality.

Over the years, Mt. Carmel has grown steadily and responsibly, with longevity in mind. They have remained true to their original goal of being small, independent, and traditional, and amazingly, they are still located in that same farmhouse where it all began thirteen years ago. But what was once was a small two-vessel system nestled in the storm cellar basement, has now expanded into an 80-barrel brewhouse and taproom. It is definitely a unique story in the world of craft breweries.

Mt. Carmel currently brews fourteen different bold craft beers, including a range of year-rounds, seasonals, and limited release offerings. Each beer is brewed with mindful, traditional brewing methods and offered on tap at the original farmhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We are proud to feature the pioneering-spirited Mt. Carmel Brewing Company in our Craft Beer Club, which is now a part of Cincinnati’s rich brewing history.

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