Millstream Brewing Company


Founded in 1985 by three Amana natives, Carroll Zuber and brothers James and Dennis Roemig, Millstream Brewing Company became one of only four micro breweries in the U.S. after Prohibition. After hiring one of America’s premier brewers (Joseph Pickett Sr.) to get Millstream on its way, the brewery became recognized as a place for quality brews of rewarding taste. Millstream began garnering medals in its first year of production and made a strong name for itself in the Iowa beer circle.

In 2001, Millstream Brewing Company was acquired by Tom and Teresa Albert

who partnered with the company’s current brewer, Chris Priebe, to continue building upon the reputable brewery’s name. Together, these owners are committed to making quality brews, and their astounding number of national and international awards are a true testament to their dedication and unwavering commitment to producing a quality product.

Today, Millstream releases five year round craft brews in addition to five seasonal offerings. With Iowa’s recent change in law allowing brewers to make higher alcohol beers, Millstream plans to release a number of new offerings in the coming year.

The beers have limited production and can be found in select Iowa restaurants

and stores.