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Lucky Bucket Brewery's name pays homage to their humble beginnings and the original Lucky Bucket

Nationally ranked as the fastest growing craft brewery in the Midwest, Lucky Bucket Brewing Company got its start in January of 2009 with the hard work and dedication of three close friends. Zac Triemert (Brewmaster), Jason Payne, and Brian Magee had been colleagues at Omaha, Nebraska-based Upstream Brewing Company, and after years of planning and experimenting in the garage, decided to take their knowledge and love for great beer and make their own label.

The guys began brewing their first batches of Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition style Lager in 2008 and had their first release ready by the following year. They were intrigued by the unique flavor that comes from barrel-aged beers, and wanted to bring back the flavor of how beer used to be - Pre Prohibition style. Since opening its doors, Lucky Bucket has introduced four year-round handcrafted beers: Pre- Prohibition-style Lager, Original American-India Pale Ale (IPA),Certified Evil (Belgian Ale), and Heartland Wheat. Each brew brings in awards and national recognition to the growing brand and has made Lucky Bucket the successful entity it is today.

Lucky Bucket's name points to earlier times as well - a time before kegs and bottles were available, when the only way to get beer was to take a bucket to the local brewery and fill it up. Lucky Bucket Brewery's name pays homage to their humble beginnings and the original Lucky Bucket. Brewmaster Zac Trimmert's skill and knowledge can be tasted in each and every one of Lucky Bucket's award-winning brews. After earning his Masters in Brewing and Distilling in Scotland, and visiting over 50 breweries in Europe, Zac gained incredible experience and talent that he know pours into the Lucky Bucket Brewing Company. Recently named Midlands Business Journal's "Young Business Person of the Year", this guy's entrepreneurial journey is just beginning!

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