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"From Clarity in Thinking come Excellence in Drinking"

Lucid Brewing Company was founded in the fall of 2011 by Eric Biermann and Jon Messier. Although the brewery is fairly brand new, the growth of the business has been exponential since its start, and was even named “Best New Brewery” by Star Tribune in 2013.

Today, Lucid Brewing is a local favorite in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and founders Eric and Jon are working hard to continue their expansion in the upper Midwest. Eric Biermann and Jon Messier had never planned on getting into the brewery business. They were friends living in Minnetonka, Minnesota, both working in the corporate world, but with a growing passion for craft beer and a serious hobby for home brewing.

Eric and Jon began entering state fairs and regional home brew competitions where they often walked away with multiple medals and awards. One evening, the friends shared a moment of clarity (hence the name “Lucid”) to follow their passion and leave the corporate world behind. They each had over 15 years of homebrewing experience and it was time to turn that into a career! After more than a year of fund raising and planning, Lucid Brewing opened in 2011 with the motto “From Clarity in Thinking comes Excellence in Drinking.”

Eric and Jon first released the Lucid Air, an American Pale Wheat Ale, and quickly followed it up with a variety of selections ranging from Ambers, Belgian-style Ales and Double IPA’s to distinctive barrel-aged seasonals. In its first year of operation, Lucid was put on tap in over 300 restaurants and made available in hundreds of liquor stores. For starting out with just two employees - Eric and Jon - the growth and success of Lucid Brewing has been quite impressive, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Now with many awards to their name and an eye on further expansion, we anticipate nothing but a bright future for this Minnesota brewery. Cheers!

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