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English-style ales but with a distinctive West Coast flair

The Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe began as a shared dream in 1986 between two young women - Barbara Groom (a pharmacist) and Wendy Pound (a family counselor). The friends dreamed of making and selling their own beer, and after years of experimental home brewing, planning, studying, and a number of visits to English pubs, that dream finally became a reality.

In 1989, Groom and Pound purchased a 100-year-old historical building in Eureka, California, and just a quick year later it became the site for Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe.

Fun fact, Lost Coast Brewery is one of only two female owned brewing companies that exist in Humboldt County, the other female craft brewer being Six Rivers Brewing in McKinleyville. Let’s go ladies!

Groom took on the role of Master Brewer and has since embraced the rich tradition of English-style Ales but with a distinctive West Coast flair. By brewing her Ales with Western Plains barley and wheat, and the exceptionally clean water of Humboldt County, the Lost Coast craft beers are undeniably unique and flavorful.

Lost Coast Brewing has an extensive and incredible list of both year round and seasonal American craft beers that deserve some individual recognition.

First, is the beer that started it all, the Great White. This Belgian style white was the first beer created by Lost Coast, crafted from malted barely, unmalted wheat, citrus, and Humboldt County herbs that set it apart from all other Belgian whites. The full-bodied, unfiltered brew was a silver medalist in the 2002 and 2003 California State Fair, and remains extremely popular today.

Although Great White was the first beer, Downtown Brown was the first beer distributed by Lost Coast. This lightly hopped, dark in color, brown ale carries the malt flavor of chocolate and caramel malts, without the heavy taste of a Porter or Stout. The beer has won a series of awards including: 1997-2000 number one beer in the Time Standard Reader’s Choice Awards, first place at the 2000 West Coast Beer Fest, a gold medal at the 2002 LA County Fair, and another gold medal at the 2003 California State Fair.

Downtown Brown isn’t the only popular malt beer, with the 8-Ball Stout following close behind. The Stout is brewed with malts roasted like coffee beans, giving the beer its dark color and flavor. 8-Ball is a two-time gold medalist at the LA County Fair in 2004 and 2005, and won silver the two years before that at the 2002 and 2003 California State Fair.

Another one of their brews that’s gained a name for itself is the Tangerine Wheat. The Los Angeles Times deemed this lemon flavored wheat beer a “charming outdoor sipper, with real potential as a food beer,” and wow is that true!

After more than 20 years in business, Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe has an expanding line of incredible, award-winning brews and an additional bottling and production site has been added to keep up with consumer demand. In the new facility, they can bottle and can up to 12 million beers and fill 1,400 kegs per day. They can credit this efficiency to the state-of-the-art vapor condenser they have that turns steam produced from boiling wort back into the hot water, which is used for the next brew.

Their restaurant offers a delicious plethora of snacks, appetizers, and hearty meals that are only enhanced by the wide selection of world-class beer they feature.

Since their small brewery start in 1989, Lost Coast Brewery has become one of California's fastest expanding craft breweries and the owners are rightfully proud of the accomplishment. We are thrilled to feature a selection of Lost Coast beers in our monthly Craft Beer Club subscription. Cheers!

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