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A Belgian brewer establishes one of the most popular craft breweries in North Texas with a collection of internationally inspired, uniquely flavored, award-winning beers

Founded in 2011 in the East Dallas neighborhood of Lakewood, Texas, Lakewood Brewing Company strives to create the highest quality beers by developing new and exciting styles, while also staying true to the art and precision of craft brewing. The Lakewood team handcrafts a range of small-batch beers that are full of unique, exciting flavors and that reflect the timelessness, creativity, and energetic fun that makes the Lakewood Brewery less of a place and more of a 'feeling' to the customers and loyalists that frequent it on a regular basis. President and Founder Wim Bens is the man behind this successful new addition to Dallas’ growing craft beer industry. The establishment of Lakewood Brewing Co. has clearly taken his love of craft beer brewing to the next level.

Born in Belgium, Wim Bens moved to North Texas when he was seven years old, but continued taking regular trips back to Belgium to visit family. Over the years, he developed a great appreciation for the uniqueness of Belgian-style beer and it grew into a passion that stuck with him. Wim graduated from Dallas’ SMU when craft beer and European imports were starting to become increasingly popular. It led Wim on a beer journey, always searching for great American craft breweries that were making new and exciting beers - and he was particularly focused on finding Belgian-Style beers. During that time, Wim moved to East Dallas and fell in love with the invigorated neighborhood of Lakewood, and the vibe that came with it. It wasn’t long before Wim, along with some friends, had discovered homebrewing and after their first few brews, there was no turning back.

Wim gained more brewing knowledge after attending and graduating from the American Brewers Guild and started getting everything in place to open a production brewery on the east side of town. He officially founded Lakewood Brewing Co. in 2011, producing eleven styles of beer that first year. With a strong following of local beer supporters, Lakewood has quickly grown from just three employees to over forty, expanded their capacity, introduced their year-round and seasonal lineup in six and four-packs, and opened a thriving taproom and beer garden.

Lakewood Brewing Co. crafts a range of internationally inspired, local craft beers that combine the best of classic brewing techniques with fresh, new ideas. We are proud to present this independent Texas craft brewery to our Beer Club members.

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Trivia Time

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1. Which beer type is older: ales or lagers?
By far, the oldest of the two types of beer, ale production can be traced back more than 5,000 years. The word ‘Ale’ comes from the German word ‘alt,’ meaning old or aged. Lagers have only been around for several hundred years and were not even fully understood until after the invention of the microscope. The yeast strains that make them were originally propagated on accident.

2. What does ‘IBU’ stand for?
IBU stands for International Bitterness Units. IBU’s measure the bitterness of beer, contributed by the hops. 1 IBU = 1 mg. Isomerized hop oils per liter of beer. Lower values are generally ‘less bitter’ and higher values are typically ‘more bitter.’

3. When and where was the oldest beer recipe recorded?
The oldest surviving beer recipe was written in a 3,900 year-old Sumerian poem honoring Ninka-si (the patron goddess of brewing). The recipe is said to describe the production of beer from barley via bread.

Wim Bens - President & Founder

Picture of Wim Bens - President & Founder