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A ridiculously good (and locally inspired) beer from Grand Junction Colorado

The story behind Kannah Creek Brewing Company begins back in the early 1990’s when Jim Jeffryes was first introduced to homebrewing by his brother-in-law. At the time, Jim was doing quite well working a lucrative job with Xerox Corp., in Palo Alto, California, but the stress of the work-week grind had him searching for a change. Homebrewing became a passion of Jim’s, and he even won some awards for his small batch brews. By the mid 1990’s, he knew brewing was the path for him and began taking classes at the American Brewers Guild. After graduating, Jim left his corporate world behind, and made plans for a professional future in brewing.

Jim moved his family from California to Grand Junction, Colorado - arguably the center of the craft beer revolution - and began apprenticing at a number of local breweries. After a few years, Jim purchased and renovated an old restaurant in downtown Grand Junction and founded Kannah Creek Brewing Company as a brewpub and restaurant in 2005. It offered a welcoming, casual atmosphere and eventually picked up the nickname, “The Creek.” He didn’t initially plan on going into the brewery business, but the neighborhood brewpub soon earned a popular following, along with awards for its beers, and demand continued to increase. In addition to brewing beer for customers, Jim was also filling kegs to sell to local restaurants and hotels. He realized he couldn’t keep up with the demand and made plans to build a second location, a production facility, to help increase the annual production.

In 2012, construction began on a combination brewery, restaurant, and production facility on a property near the Colorado River in Southern Grand Junction. Jim named the second location Edgewater Brewery, which is now also known as “The Edge.” The new facility opened in May 2013 with a 30-barrel brewing system (the original location has a 7-barrel capacity), a bottling and packaging line, a second restaurant, and plenty of room to expand in the future.

Today, Jim Jeffryes is joined by two head brewers, his son Pete Jeffryes who runs the original Kannah Creek location, and Matt Simpson, who oversees the Edgewater property. Many of Kannah Creek’s beers have won awards at national and international beer competitions, which is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of.

We hope you enjoy these awesome handcrafted brews from one of Colorado’s finest craft breweries. Cheers!

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