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Proudly brewed in Great Falls, Montana, Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company crafts a range of premium, award-winning ales using only the finest local ingredients.

Located in Great Falls, Montana, in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Company recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. After taking over the original The Front Brewing Company, which was established in 2012, Jeremiah Johnson and his wife Katie made it their mission to continue what The Front had started, but with their own spin on things. The couple strives to honor their Montana heritage while sourcing local ingredients and brewing a multitude of fresh, exceptional, and distinctive beers that could only come from the Golden Triangle. Although they kept a couple of the popular beers that were originally developed by The Front, Mountain Man Scotch Ale included, they did opt to change the brewery name, re-brand, and unveil several new craft brew styles that have already become incredibly popular with their loyal customers.

The brewery’s signature Mountain Man Scotch Ale has become a staple in the state of Montana, and when Jeremiah and Katie Johnson took ownership of The Front, they had a major goal in mind to grow this already incredibly popular brand. Fittingly, Jeremiah Johnson shares his name with the 1972 movie, Jeremiah Johnson, which featured Robert Redford as the central character - a mountain man. Jeremiah says people have been asking about his name since he was a kid, and it certainly makes sense that they did the brewery name change to support their Mountain Man ale. The ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ brand may be new, but they are already proving to be a regional leader with their high quality standards and passion for brewing fresh, locally minded beer. The brewery has a lot of room for growth and they’re looking to establish themselves in markets they haven’t yet tapped.

“We want to make great products, cultivate a good workplace, and support our community,” Jeremiah Johnson has said. “We’re a family run brewery and we take a lot of pride in hard work and excellent customer service.”

We hope our Craft Beer Club members enjoy two of Jeremiah Johnson’s most popular craft brews. Cheers!

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